Why us?

Why Choose Eagle & Lion Properties?

We do not charge any hidden fees.

We strive to establish long lasting relationships with our investors and owners.

We always keep things as simple as possible. As soon as we introduce you to your property manager, he or she explains and simplifies our fee structure to you.

We value effective communication with all our investors and owners!

Our operational structure

Our operational structure has been developed to inspire complete confidence in us. Whether our investors or owners live thousands of miles or just a few minutes away, we ensure that they constantly remain confident in the safety and management of their property.

As stated earlier, we value effective communication, and that’s why we always make it a priority to keep our investors and owners informed on anything that involves their investment. All the property managers are always available. Our investors and owners do not have to wait for days to talk to their property managers. We ensure that you always stay informed by the professionals managing your property.

Safeer Properties Management Services Comprise Of The Following

Advertising and marketing the property effectively

Property showings to potential tenants. Individual tenant screening and interviewing. Rigorous tenant qualification with criminal, background and credit checks. The negotiation and the execution of the lease. Collection of rent collection

Preparation of monthly and yearly accounting reports. Scheduling and supervision of maintenance work on the property. Regular inspection of the property. Update and modification of the lease. Termination of the lease and eviction

Planning to Rent ?

If you are planning to rent out your property or you simply need the best agency to manage it, call Safeer Properties at 704-663-1482 and make the first step towards a stress-free future today!