Eagle & Lion Properties

We have invested time and resources in building a team of qualified, experienced, and professional property managers who are well equipped to handle all types of properties, all for the benefit of our property owners and residents.

About Us

Why do business owners prefer Eagle & Lion Properties to others to take care of their properties? Eagle & Lion Properties has carefully combined years of experience and a customer-oriented approach to service delivery to build a reputation like no other currently in North Carolina. This model has allowed us to be more reliable and efficient in how we manage our operations.

Some Of The Property Management Services We Offer Include:
• Screening all Applicants
• Collecting rent on your behalf
• Advertising the rental property
• Carrying out all maintenance work on the property
There are quite a number of things involved in renting a property. These can be both time consuming and challenging for both the property owner and the renter. The experience we’ve gathered in property management and the Mooresville local area, gives us the confidence to offer you and your renter stability and security in your partnership. Our success in what we do comes from our core values. We focus many of our resources in ensuring we develop lasting relationships with all our clients. Our team strives to build strong relationships by going above and beyond the call of duty to provide exception service to our clients so they can allows focus on other areas of their lives.

What We’ll Offer You When We Manage and Maintain Your Property. We understand that your property is valuable, and so you will feel at ease only when it is in the right hands. We are committed to what we do, not only because we do it well, but also because managing property is our profession and passion! As mentioned above, we have invested a considerable amount of resources on property management so that our team only offers the best service and results to our investors and owners. The Safeer Properties team has gathered a wealth of experience in managing multi-family and residential homes. Over the years, we have successfully established a solid and exceptional reputation in and around the neighborhoods of Mooresville mainly by focusing our expertise on property management. This record of accomplishment allows us to build strong relations with realtors in the area. Such a network enables us to provide you will unlimited contacts of reliable tenants and occupants for your property.